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In her own words...

In January 2004 Aidan went to Dunedin, New Zealand to complete the Bachelor of Arts that she had started at the University of Queensland in Brisbane Australian a few years earlier. Among the courses that she took was an anthropology course entitled Death and Dying: A Cross-Cultural Perspective. When the family was planning the celebration of her life we remembered this and wondered if Aidan had written anything for that course that would tell us more about her spirituality. She had. For Assignment #5 she had been required to write her own obituary and eulogy Ö not knowing that two years later these would be gifts to those who love her and miss her. This is how Aidan wrote her Obituary...

Aidan Oloman 1976-2081

On July 15, 2081 at that age of 105, Aidan Oloman took one last hike into the mountains she loved so much. Accompanied by her daughter Sage Easton and her granddaughter Rowan, Aidan collapsed from a heart attack in view of the snowy peaks of the Tantalus Range in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. She died in the arms of those she loved in the presence of the wind, the sun and the earth.

Aidan will be remembered by those whose lives she touched as a compassionate, caring and motivated individual. Having grown up with parents who saw the value of wild places, Aidan was on skis at the age of two, rock climbing by fourteen and on the way to a career as a Mountain guide in her early twenties.

On Jan 9 2001, at the age of 25 Aidan had an experience that would change the direction of her life. After being fully buried in an avalanche while skiing with friends Aidan realized that if she was to look death in the eye again she wanted to be satisfied that she had given back to the earth the many joys she had received from it.

In the following years Aidan completed a teaching degree that would complement her mountain guiding certification and be the basis for her future endeavors. Through the creation of the One World foundation Aidan developed a system of workshops and programs for high school students that introduced them to wilderness activities and environmental responsibility. Sponsored by local government initiates and ethical business, the One World foundation gave thousands of kids the chance to grow physically and mentally through their interaction with the natural environment.

In 2036 at the age of 60 Aidan left the foundation in the capable hands of her nephew, Toby Blue. This enabled her and her husband Sean Easton to travel the world. During the years before Seanís death in 2056 they climbed, hiked and participated in community aid projects from Canada to Senegal.

Recently Aidan has been living in small cabin in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. She began painting and has supported herself and two cats on the sale of her art.

Whether through teaching, guiding, painting or discussion Aidanís appreciation of wild places was shared through her calm yet stimulating character. Her inspiration and drive offered many people the chance to develop a growing value for physical wilderness activity and a respect for the natural environment. She will be remembered as a strong, loving woman who placed great value in life.

Aidan is lovingly survived by her children Sage Easton, and Talus Easton, her grandchildren Dune and Autumn, her nephew Toby Blue and her two cats Tova and Tzoonie.

A memorial of her life will be held at the Elfin Lakes Cabin, Garibaldi Provincial Park British Columbia Canada, August 2, 2081. Bring your own camping supplies. Music and drinks provided.